Friday, December 31, 2010

Centre + HOB + Beauty Bar=Good Times

Stepped out last night for a bit in the beautiful city of Dallas and had a really good time. Good to see so much positive energy going on in the D/FW area.

Started out at Centre & Atama for their grand opening party. My man Sober was holding it down on the 1's & 2's. Shot out to Hance and the team at Centre & Atama for hosting a dope event.

Next, headed over to House of Blues to catch my man J.Rhodes performance with his band. The performance was super on point. Everyone in the band held down their respective instruments. J.Rhodes killed it with his performance too. You should definitely try and catch their next performance. They do not disappoint and it is more than apparent that J.Rhodes and his band take their craft very seriously and put in mad work.

Finally ended up at Beauty Bar to catch my man Sober's "Big Bang" weekly. Once again, he held it down with the tunes. Dropped a really nice B-More Club set. Had me feeling like I was actually in Baltimore jamming 92Q.



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