Friday, December 17, 2010

Anita Tijoux "1977"

2010 has proven to be a breakthrough year for Anita Tijoux. Her album 1977 received a Grammy nomination in the category of "Best Latin Rock, Alternative, or Urban Album." Amazon also recently ranked her album number one in their, "2010 Best Latin Music of 2010" list.

I was put out to Anita during my undergrad years at The University of Texas at Austin. My roommate Gabe had went off to Santiago de Chile for a semester to sharpen his Spanish skills. He returned with an assortment of cd's from various Chilean hip hop artists. I must say that I was initially surprised being that I had not previously thought of Chile as a bastion of hip hop. What caught me about Anita was her clever word play, use of funky production, and her breath control (knowing how to ride the beat). What impresses me even more, is that she experiments with other sounds while still keeping it hip hop. So a toast to the one they call, Anita Tijoux.



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