Tuesday, October 5, 2010

R.I.P. Kazzabe Agrupacion & Chicas Zamba

So this morning mi Tia Nanda asked if I had heard about the tragic bus accident that occurred in between Progreso and Tela Honduras to nights ago in which members of Kazzabe Agrupacion & Chicas Zambat were involved. I told her know. Truth be told, I have been dumb sick with stomach flu the past 5 days and out of commission I can't front, the news hit me kind of hard. One, I have Kazzabe in concert mad times. I was even on a plane with them in 2001 from Houston to San Pedro Sula in route to attend my first Carnaval in La Ceiba. God bless the souls of the deceased and may they rest in peace. Bellow is a video that Teofilo Colon posted on his blog. Bendiciones.


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