Friday, October 8, 2010

French Montana feat Fat Joe + Show TuFli feat Vado

Peep these videos on Miss Info's page. The first video is by French Montana featuring Fat Joe. I found this one dope is because they have a lot of shots of popular places in the Bronx. What caught my attention was the shot of Crotona Park where the Honduran/Central American Parade is held every September and also known to be a main meeting ground for the Garifuna community. Also, there was a shot of the Happy Land Social Club and Fat Joe even says a line about the club. Happy Land was a club mostly frequented by Garifuna immigrants that burned down because a jealous boyfriend through a cocktail bomb through the front because he was mad at his girlfriend who worked the door.

The second video is by Show TuFli and Vado. You already I been bumping Vado heavy. Don't forget to cop the
Slime Flu album next week.



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