Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brown Sugar

It's going down this Friday yall. If you don't know about Baby G then you need to log on and learn about him.
My man has been holding it down since back in the day. A member of Mad Flava and I.G.P. (International Grand Possee), G was signed to a major label and toured the world. He used to do the 20 minute work out mix on 100.3 Jamz here in Dallas, did evening mixes on K104.5, was the head hip-hop vinyl purchaser at Bill's Records. Put out classic mixtapes such as Bomb Ass Tape #'s 1 & 2, The Raw Deal 1 & 2, Headz Ain't Ready, etc. Now in Austin, G holds it down on Hot 93.3 FM. He does the Latin thing at Cielo on Fridays. Can't forget his reggae/dancehall monthly Ring The Alarm and if you really old school you'll remember the Soul Shake Down monthly.
The point is, Friday is gonna be off the chain. Besides Nick Nack, Baby G has had one of the biggest influences on my style of deejaying. So come out for my mans homecoming and lets make it hot.

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